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Balanced Body Image Anti-Aging Center in Sugar Land

Have you noticed that some people age well while others experience health problems along the way? Or that people in poor health tend to look years or even decades older than they really are? We can help you feel better, age gracefully and live a better life at any age.

Julia R. Ward, MD – an accomplished healthcare provider with 20 years of experience – wants to resolve your health issues by addressing the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Ward treats you with a whole-patient perspective. Her practice includes anti-aging, metabolic and functional medicine therapies geared toward extending your lifespan as well as prolonging your healthspan – the length of time you are able to live productively and independently.

Contact Dr. Ward today to see how she can help you to feel better and live better. 281-710-3380 to learn more or use our convenient Request an Appointment form.


Excellent experience and an outstanding result. I was recommended to come to Dr. Ward and I'm so glad that I did. She brings the medical experience and couples it with artistry. The result is super. I highly recommend Dr. Ward. Now I'm ready for my wedding!! - Lisa A.

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*Disclaimer: Treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

Meet Dr. Ward

If you haven't already heard about functional medicine, it's because the traditional disease-drug model still dominates the American medical landscape. Dr. Julia Ward became interested in functional medicine when she was looking into bioidentical hormones for herself.

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