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Lipo-Light is an LED light technology we use very successfully for body sculpting and contouring without surgery. Lipo-Light is particularly good with smaller areas that are resistant to weight loss and exercise. The Lipo-Light technique melts away and removes fat from beneath the skin. Lipo-Light can treat areas with resistant tissue and is adept at destroying fat cell membranes for maximum results. It uses the proper LED wavelength and power to successfully melt and dissolve fats while protecting other tissues and anatomical structures. Lipo-Light is a simple outpatient procedure, safe and hygienic, which delivers results in one treatment. The use of heat and specific wavelength light from Lipo-Light combined with exercise and healthy diet will slim, shape and tone your problem areas painlessly, without surgery. We can use Lipo-Light on the arms, waist, hips, belly, male chest and stubborn areas of the thighs.


Excellent experience and an outstanding result. I was recommended to come to Dr. Ward and I'm so glad that I did. She brings the medical experience and couples it with artistry. The result is super. I highly recommend Dr. Ward. Now I'm ready for my wedding!! - Lisa A.

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Meet Dr. Ward

If you haven't already heard about functional medicine, it's because the traditional disease-drug model still dominates the American medical landscape. Dr. Julia Ward became interested in functional medicine when she was looking into bioidentical hormones for herself.

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