Healing the Gut

Protecting digestive health is important for preserving overall health. Yet, many people suffer from excessive bouts of indigestion, stomach cramps, heartburn, and other complaints associated with the digestive tract. Dr. Julia Ward of Balanced Body Image works with patients to boost or repair their GI health. Amazingly, once gut health is restored, these too-common complaints often ease.

Combating Leaky Gut
Leaky gut refers to intestinal permeability. If intestinal lining becomes ruptured or damaged, food particles, digestive juices, and even toxins associated with the intestinal process can leak into the bloodstream. Not surprisingly, this can lead to a host of problems that include chronic diarrhea, bloating, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, rashes, joint pain, poor concentration, anxiety, and depression. When left unchecked, leaky gut may even lead to the development of an autoimmune disease.

Gut health can be restored. In her holistic medicine practice, Dr. Ward works with patients to develop a personalized plan for dealing with their leaky gut symptoms or other digestive complaints. Dr. Ward is a medical doctor, so she is able to effectively combine elements of conventional medicine with holistic measures to achieve the best outcomes for her patients.

What Happens during an Appointment?
Careful assessment is important for individualizing a care plan for patients. During an initial appointment, Dr. Ward will ask questions about symptoms, stress, diet, and any other element that might be causing the intestinal complaints. She then develops a treatment plan for repairing the gastrointestinal tract that may include eliminating toxins and restoring optimum health to the gut.

Healing the Digestive Tract
Can someone who suffers heartburn every other day suddenly arrive at a state where heartburn doesn’t occur? Yes, yes, and yes!

For some sufferers, adding probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and kefir do the trick. Other individuals might require more considerable dietary changes like food eliminations or a medical intervention. Dr. Ward often tells her patients that minimizing symptoms isn’t the answer. Yes, it’s possible to take an over-the-counter medicine to treat heartburn or alleviate constipation. But what is the genesis of these problems? That’s where Dr. Ward shines. Her holistic treatments get to the root of the problem so that symptoms disappear — and over-the-counter drugs stay put on store shelves.

If your digestive health is concerning you or you are experiencing symptoms related to leaky gut, contact Balanced Body Image and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ward. Getting your digestive health back on track is key to physical and even aspects of mental health. Call today.