The Pros and Cons of Protein

Without a doubt, good nutrition is vital to health and wellness. What you eat and drink has a significant impact on how your body functions and feels.

We’re inundated daily with ads for diet plans and programs that are “guaranteed” to help you drop inches and transform your body. These days, the buzzwords are “high protein” and “ketogenic”. With all of these hot trends and information overload, how do you know what is actually good for your health?

At her functional medical practice in Sugar Land, Balanced Body Image, Dr. Julia Ward helps you break it down.

High protein benefits

Nutritionists often recommend high protein diets because, with fewer carbohydrates available, your body is forced to burn fat for energy. This process, known as ketosis, is thought to support weight loss. Protein can also help you feel satisfied and full, so you may not be as tempted to continue eating (and consuming more calories).

Protein is required for many bodily processes too. In addition to building muscle, protein helps manufacture hormones, repair and build skin and bone, and produce enzymes that are involved in thousands of biological chemical reactions. Proteins also help strengthen your immune system.

Current research is also investigating the positive effect of a ketogenic diet in Alzheimer’s disease.

Potential drawbacks

Consuming a high protein diet may come with some risk, though. Consider the source of your protein. If you’re cutting back on carbs in favor of red meat and full-fat dairy, you may be increasing your fat/cholesterol intake – which is not so great for your risk of heart disease. High protein diets may also be hard on kidney function.

Fully eliminating carbs from your meals may also mean that you’re not eating enough natural fiber. Insufficient fiber can cause constipation.

The bottom line

Always consult a physician before putting yourself on a high protein diet. At Balanced Body Image, Dr. Ward addresses every aspect of your health, including nutrition and healthy eating.

Services she offers at her Sugar Land medical spa, like micronutrient testing, assess nutritional deficiencies – and help Dr. Ward determine the best nutritional course for your optimal health.

To learn more about your health and ideal nutrition, contact Balanced Body Image today!