Is Your Metabolism Healthy?

“Metabolism” is a word we commonly use but may not quite understand. Scientifically speaking, metabolism involves chemical processes that enable our bodies to break down molecules and synthesize the essential compounds we need to thrive. In plain speaking, metabolism describes how our bodies break down the food we eat for the energy and fuel we need to function every day.

Whether due to age, illness, or other factors such as hormonal imbalance, your metabolism can slow down and cause numerous symptoms that are hard to ignore.

Common Signs of Metabolic Malfunction
In addition to constantly craving sweets, common symptoms of a metabolism in distress include inability to lose weight (despite your best efforts), constant hunger (even right after a meal), dry skin, and brittle fingernails.

You may also experience what is known as metabolic syndrome. Factors contributing to metabolic syndrome include high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and increased blood pressure. Any of these factors in and of themselves are serious, affecting health with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

If you are experiencing any of these common signs of a faulty metabolism, it may be time to seek medical care.

Julia Ward, MD established her functional medicine practice in Sugar Land, Balanced Body Image, to offer patients a holistic, healthy way to address metabolic function and other illnesses and health concerns.

At Balanced Body Image, Dr. Ward offers a personalized approach to patient care that recognizes and treats the root causes of most illnesses such as hormonal imbalance, poor choices in diet and exercise, or significant stress. Dr. Ward’s holistic treatments begin with a thorough evaluation and diagnosis followed by a comprehensive plan of care.

Patients diagnosed with metabolic syndrome may be prescribed lifestyle changes such as clean eating, regular exercise, and supplements. With holistic services that consider the entire body and the way all systems work together, Dr. Ward strives to bring better health and vitality to every patient.

If you are concerned about your metabolic health, consider an appointment with Dr. Ward at Balanced Body Image. With careful assessment and holistic therapies, you can achieve better health at any age.