Sugar Land Medical Spa offers Pellet Therapy for Hormone Insufficiency

When you see the word, “testosterone,” you may automatically think of it as a male hormone; however, women need testosterone too. If your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, the deficiency can lead to a decline in physiologic and psychological functions that can reduce your quality of life. Common symptoms of a testosterone deficiency include weight gain, mental confusion and a lack of muscle tone.


Without proper amounts of testosterone, the brain cannot produce serotonin — a neurotransmitter that supports emotional balance. When there isn’t enough testosterone to balance with estrogen and produce serotonin, a woman can experience emotional instability that can result in irritability, anxiety, anger, depression and sleep disturbances. If the deficiency goes untreated, it could affect not only the brain, but also the heart, bones, muscle, and metabolism.


In her Sugar Land medical spa, Dr. Julia Ward uses pellet therapy to help women regain mental clarity, muscle, and libido. The hormones she uses are derived from natural plant sources and replicate the body’s naturally occurring hormone levels. When placed under the skin, the pellet implants consistently release small doses of hormones, unlike other forms of hormone therapy that can produce hormone levels that fluctuate greatly and may cause adverse reactions.


The procedure is quite simple. Dr. Ward inserts a small pellet in the fatty tissue beneath the skin where the hormones released can reach the blood stream. The pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and can be easily implanted right at her office, Balanced Body Image. Typically, the pellets last about four months as they give the body the proper level of testosterone consistently through the day, as opposed to pills or injections that can cause a “roller coaster” of side effects and emotions.


Many people who use pellet testosterone therapy report a more stable lifestyle with less pain, fatigue and anxiety.


If you’re experiencing symptoms that may be related to a testosterone deficiency, contact Dr. Julia Ward at Balanced Body Image. Together, you can discuss whether testosterone pellet therapy is right for you — and start feeling like yourself again.