Renew Your Skin with Botox at Sugar Land Medical Spa

Age isn’t always very kind to our skin.  The decreasing amount of collagen and elastin in the skin — plus repeated facial expressions (such as frowning) — can eventually cause skin to wrinkle and sag. Daily pollutants and sun exposure only add to skin troubles, making some people feel as if achieving healthier looking skin is a lost cause. There’s no reason to stop smiling, though. Skin rejuvenation therapies have come a long way, and safer options for enhanced skin are more available today than ever before. Dr. Julia Ward and her team at Balanced Body Image, a medical spa in Sugar Land, offers services to improve the appearance of your skin and reverse the effects of aging and the environment.


One such skin rejuvenation service is the facial injectable, Botox.


Botox, made from onabotulinum toxin A, essentially paralyzes facial muscles to smooth the skin’s surface. Recent studies have also indicated that Botox may increase the skin’s natural ability to stretch and promote the production of collagen and elastin. Those two proteins together can make skin tighter, firmer, and more flexible.


Botox is FDA-approved, safe and painless. While anesthesia isn’t needed before the injections, you may have the area numbed beforehand with a cold pack or anesthetic cream. The procedure is quick — typically lasting 10 minutes — and requires no recovery time. Results can be noticed within a few days of treatment and last for months.


With injectables like Botox, Dr. Ward helps enhance your skin so that you’ll feel younger and more confident about your appearance. The most common uses for Botox include:


  • Smoothing horizontal forehead wrinkles as well as the fine lines and wrinkles between the brows (frown lines), around the eyes (crow’s feet), and around the mouth
  • Eyebrow shaping and enhancement
  • Brow lifting


Dr. Ward also offers many other anti-aging and functional medicine therapies at her Sugar Land medical spa, with services such as IV nutrient therapy, bioidentical hormones, and micronutrient testing. She also addresses health concerns such as adrenal fatigue, intestinal health, and the effect of environmental toxins.

Start looking and feeling better through proven holistic and functional medicine therapies. Contact Dr. Ward today at (281) 710-3380.