Probiotics and Digestive Health

Many of us spend a good part of each day washing our hands to avoid potentially harmful germs, so the notion that we should be eating bacteria might be confusing. Yet, according to digestive health specialists, that’s precisely what we should do! “Good” bacteria helps to combat the “bad” bacteria found in the gut, which is often the source of digestive troubles and other health issues. By infusing your diet with the good bacteria found in probiotics, you can prevent, and even treat, some health conditions.

The Importance of Gut Health
Keeping the digestive tract healthy is a cornerstone of good health in general. The body’s immune system, for one, is linked to the digestive tract, and when gut health is suffering, there’s a strong likelihood the immune system is too.

Many digestive problems, like heartburn or diarrhea, also occur when there is an imbalance of bacteria. This is often the result of a poor diet that’s high in sugars, alcohol, and caffeine, which can cause bad bacteria to quickly multiply and cause digestive discomfort.

“Good” bacteria wages war on the bad, and when in good supply, can bring your body into a better, more healthful balance. Probiotics can help relieve all sorts of digestive troubles including heartburn, gas and diarrhea.

Good Gut Health and Beyond
Numerous medical studies have demonstrated that the benefits of probiotics extend beyond the gut.

First, probiotics support the immune system, which results in a more robust defense against infections. Some studies have also shown that probiotics may help prevent common ailments like yeast infections. Other benefits of a diet rich in probiotics may include better skin health and weight loss.

Holistic Treatments for Gut Health
At Balanced Body Image, a functional medicine practice in Sugar Land, Dr. Julia Ward employs holistic strategies to help patients achieve optimal gut health.

In many cases, Dr. Ward prescribes probiotics to help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. She may also suggest lifestyle changes and better choices in food and beverages to promote better health.

Are you experiencing chronic digestive issues? Consider a holistic approach to your health. Contact Balanced Body Image at 281.710.3380.