Micronutrients: The Building Blocks of Women’s Health

As a woman, you have unique health needs. Menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, menopause, and osteoporosis are all conditions we brave as women, and each of us experiences these phases of life differently. Body composition, genetics, and environmental factors all play a hand in how your body ages and responds.

For some, adopting a positive lifestyle of regular exercise and good nutrition is key to maintaining optimum health in both mind and body. At her medical office in Sugar Land, Dr. Julia Ward provides holistic options to help women age gracefully and in good health.

One aspect of her medical practice involves the role of micronutrients and how they affect our health.

Micronutrients are the building blocks of nutrition — the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly, especially during those seasons when your body is struggling with the added stresses of a period, pregnancy, or menopause.

How would you know if you’re deficient in micronutrients?

Micronutrient Testing
There are many signs that your body lacks micronutrients, including muscles cramps, unusual fatigue, and even heart palpitations. Dr. Ward will first rule out specific illnesses that may cause similar symptoms.

Once a serious illness is ruled out and set aside, Dr. Ward can take a closer look at possible root causes. With a simple blood test she can examine your white blood cells and analyze any nutritional deficiencies that may be the cause of your symptoms.

The fact is, it’s not always practical for women in their ultra-busy lives to eat the foods that will provide them with the essential daily nutrients they need for good health. Moreover, other conditions can reduce a woman’s appetite. Feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed can prevent women from fulfilling their dietary needs.

With services such as IV nutritional therapy, women can obtain the nutritional boost they need to cope with everything from their changing hormones to other health-related conditions.

Maintaining Health
Women have specific health needs and should address them with someone who understands a woman’s unique chemistry. Call Balanced Body Image  at (281) 710-3380 and request a free consultation, or start with a free nutritional health score. It’s time to get your health back on track!