Get Your ZZZZZ’s! The Benefits of Restful Sleep

Many people understand that sleep deprivation can leave them feeling cranky or even unable to function well at work or school, but missing out on quality sleep on a regular basis can definitely detract from one’s well-being. At Balanced Body Image, Julia Ward, MD counsels her patients on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. By ensuring that you’re getting plenty of rest, you can actually safeguard your mental and physical health.

Reduce Inflammation
Medical research has demonstrated links between poor sleep and inflammation. Adults who get less than six hours of sleep tend to present with higher levels of inflammation-causing proteins. Inflammation is associated with conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and even heart disease. By getting plenty of sleep, you can reduce inflammation and, ideally, help keep these life-altering conditions at bay.


Improve Concentration
The key to improving cognitive function is getting plenty of rest. Studies have shown that an optimum amount of sleep leads to better memory retention as well as improved concentration. If you aren’t getting good rest, you may find that concentrating on tasks is more difficult. To ensure that you don’t make critical errors during your day, be sure to get eight hours of restful (and that means uninterrupted) sleep each night.

Sunny Mood
When you don’t get enough sleep, you may find it more difficult to regulate your mood and emotions. People who experience frequent bouts of insomnia may find that they’re on an emotional roller coaster with increased negative emotions like anger or anxiety. Those who feel pressured by stress find that sleep helps enhance coping skills.

Improved Weight Control
Did you know that getting adequate sleep could help you maintain a healthy weight? Studies have shown that a lack of sleep could wreak havoc with a particular hormone associated with feelings of fullness. People who don’t get enough sleep produce less of this hormone, so they may feel hungrier than when they are well rested.

Dr. Ward practices holistic medicine in Sugar Land, and it’s her mission to improve the lives of her patients through natural, healthy alternatives. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, Dr. Ward will get to the root cause of your troubles. Once any medical conditions have been ruled out as the origin of your insomnia, she’ll help you change your lifestyle to include better nutrition and improved good sleep habits.

Convincing yourself that good sleep is important to your body’s ability to restore and regenerate itself each day is key. Visit Dr. Ward at her Sugar Land medical spa and get ready for a good night’s sleep! Call us today for an appointment at 281.710.3380.